Collaborative on-call for engineering teams

View your PagerDuty schedules, connect channels to a rotation team, make overrides and get help with coverage, and more, all right from Slack, for the whole team.

Seamless add-on 1-click setup for PagerDuty & Slack; no additional signups or invites.

Collaborative at heart Work together to cover scheduling needs and know who's on-call.

Stay in Slack Get the info and updates you need to take action without leaving Slack.

Powering up PagerDuty Built by developers, for developers, streamlining the PD experience.

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Each team includes one escalation policy in PagerDuty. You will be able to select which policies to include.

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We’re working to make on-call painless, so development teams and engineers can do what they do best — build.

We’re a tiny, self-funded, independent crew of three who’ve all felt the burden of being on-call. We’ve watched as the biggest players in the space focus more on making investors happy than on the developers who use their tools daily. We’re not interested in taking investment or raising capital. Instead, we hope to build a sustainable business and tools you love. — Leslie, André, and Gabriel P.S. We would love to hear from you! Reach out to me anytime with thoughts, or feedback, or just to say hi: